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Throughout history, humans have expressed their artistic talents in a growing variety of different ways, depending also on their individual culture and life experiences.

In Ibiza, we now have around 100 different nationalities living permanently on the island and so have a very diverse cultural mixture, a huge offer of artistic talent and the freedom to express ourselves without disturbing the comfort of other residents.

There are literally hundreds of different styles of houses and appartments for example and just as many different styles of interior designs and gardens, offices and business premises, clothing and jewellry preferences, plus of course basic elements like food and drinks, entertainment and hobbies, in addition to transport options and communication systems, not to mention the great variety of religions and relationships with both original and adopted cultural practices etc…

Ibiza is also home to an ever increasing number of artists, who come here to be inspired by the natural beauty of the island, as well as the extraordinary light we enjoy most days of the year.

This has given rise to an abundance of creations by artists from all over the world, including colourful murals and exotic graffiti, paintings of every category, sculptures, artistic furniture designs, as well as cultural performances, like puppet shows, theatrical, poetry and music events, art exhibitions and a huge number of workshops designed to expand the range of artistic talent which is within each one of us.

It is with this purpose, we have chosen to add a special branch of artistic and cultural activities to our newly formed 'Ibiza Fènix' social leadership organisation, so that we can share ideas, information, materials, locations and communication skills with the many residents and visitors who may be interested to join in with its development.

What can you do?

  • Learn more about the history and traditions of the island, by reading the many publications available in most good book shops.

  • Visit local museums, art galleries and places of cultural heritage (the old town of Eivissa for example).

  • Participate in local artistic and cultural events (most of the villages on the islands have yearly cultural events, such as wine tasting festivals, their 'Saint's day celebrations' and a variety of other 'gatherings', where you can enjoy traditional food and dancing performances etc)…

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