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Make the difference

Make the difference

The tragic and crucial emergencies going on in our world today, has brought us all to talk, share ideas and realize that we have many common views and objectives.


Through regular meetings, selection of valuable projects and forming work-teams, we facilitate a totally new and horizontal development plan, to secure the resilience of our island, and in this way help to promote a more promising future for our planet.

Select your branch of Interest


Get to know our branch(es) and according

to your interests, talents &/or expertise, participate, join, support &/or ask for

more information

Apply your skills

We all have skills, talents and passions. Let us know which branch/project inspires you and how would you like to participate in making it reality.



Connect and get to know more about the topic(s) of your interest.

To network with our 'Game Changer' community of people with similar interest and values.

To make projects into reality.

Participate and make the difference


By working together our actions have a greater impact.

Get to know our projects and support them in whichever way you prefer.

If you have an idea for a project, please contact us.

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