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our projects

We encourage everyone to create projects inspired by their deepest interests and the regenerative movement promoted by Ibiza Fènix.

Participate, create, support, be part of any of our projects or create your own!

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("Clean Ibiza" in English), is a Greenheart campaign to clean up Ibiza's littered beaches and roadsides. Every week we go to a different beach, or a road, and pick up as much garbage as we can find. We dispose of it responsibly in one of the many designated recycling points around the island.


Is a visionary project which can be better described as the material representation (or 3D version) of the different branches of the social leadership initiative, Ibiza Fènix


Casita Verde is an ecology centre founded in 1993 and located in the green heart of Ibiza's beautiful countryside. It is an experiential learning centre, designed to encourage innovative and sustainable lifestyle techniques, which are within reach of every one of us.

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