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Throughout the world, conventional construction practices are becoming increasingly unsustainable. The need to accommodate expanding populations adds to the increasing pressure we exert on our ecosystems as we exploit natural resources in an unstoppable way.
The construction sector represents about 40% of the world's energy consumption, with an additional 40% of the use of raw materials. Similarly, the construction industry has a significant contribution to global carbon emissions, which amounts to 57%, more than all other sectors combined. Of this figure, 47% is generated by the use of buildings (heating, lighting, air conditioning ...)

It's time to reduce these figures through the use of natural and environmentally friendly building materials, with a minimum energy demand in their manufacture, also to reduce the environmental contamination and carbon footprint in the world. This can be aided by good design, that will make buildings much less expensive to maintain in terms of their energy consumption.

Ecological construction refers to responsible construction and processes which are environmentally friendly, plus the efficient use of resources throughout the life of the building, therefore avoiding pollution, or even eliminating it.

The objective will be to promote the use of natural and ecological materials of local origin, together with the installation of the latest intelligent technologies for heating and cooling, renewable energy supply and efficiency, plus rain water collection and recycling.

It is also intended to provide basic and useful information to raise awareness about bio-construction and to demonstrate that in order to build in a sustainable way, complex analyzes and the integration of complicated advanced technologies and systems are not always possible, but can be avoided by solving them from the origin of the project with an appropriate design.

The entire spectrum of applications in the field is growing at an incredible pace and promises to eliminate our poor ecological footprint by designing new, much smarter housing models.

What can you do?

  • People interested in green building methods and sourcing materials on the islands can attend meetings, forums, and workshops offered by this group. (See

  • Investigate any novelties in innovative technologies designed to improve the sustainability of both existing and new buildings.

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