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With such a wide variety of possibilities to practice Natural Sports on the island of Ibiza, it's no surprise that this industry is in constant expansion. For this reason, there are more and more groups and businesses dedicated to the promotion and offer of natural sporting activities each year, instead of just sitting around in bars drinking, or sunbathing on the already overcrowded beaches.

The idea of this branch is to support and promote all kinds of natural sporting activities, which do not cause any damage to the environment, or unnecessary disturbance to the islands population.

From trekking in the beautiful Ibicencan countryside, to swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving around the coastline, sailing, wind surfing, kayaking, kite surfing, climbing, cycling and mountain biking, horse riding, running, playing tennis, beach ball and generally exercising in the fresh air, this branch of the Fènix tree is a perfect partner for the 'wellness tourism' we are hoping to promote all year round on

our still beautiful island paradise.

¿What can you do?

  • Join walking groups, cycling clubs, sailing clubs, climbing clubs, riding clubs, tennis clubs.

  • Participate in kayak outings, plus try to do as many sporting activities in the outdoors as possible.

  • Introduce your friends and families to alternative activities, which will both improve their health and ensure that the countryside is conserved and well used and above all more appreciated by both visitors and island residents.






with our branch

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