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ibiza fènix tree

The 14 branches in the Ibiza Fènix's tree

cover the many aspects of local community life.​

Select the branch(es) of your interest & connect!

The Carob

We've chosen to use the 'Carob tree' as the symbol for our new ‘Ibiza Fènix project’, since the carob tree joins cosmic energy with Earth energy, it's always green and it's always working (it's either in fruit or in flower all the time).


If a branch falls down, it usually gets up again. It can survive extreme drought conditions, due to its extensive root system and also has deep connections with traditional local culture.

The tree is self fertilizing and it produces a delicious fruit, which can sustain a person’s life and therefore provide a great potential for economic prosperity!

Both the 'Carob tree' and the ‘Ibiza Fènix project’ have very similar qualities, which seem ideal for a successful and permanent Social Leadership initiative. They are:

  • In harmony with natural energy and resources

  • Ecologically biased and permanently active

  • Resilient and connected to local cultural traditions

  • Producing life sustaining fruits, which can lead to social and economic prosperity

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