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On an island where the most important commercial activity is "seasonal tourism," both the community and the local government need to work hand-in-hand to ensure that the island's residents do not become "over- invaded" by visitors, nor excluded from the possibility of benefiting from this rapidly growing industry.

Obviously, if most of the local community of the island is going to be affected positively by the tourism that it receives, great care must be taken not to exceed the natural limits of occupation so that the operation is ecologically sustainable, and thus avoid irreversible damages to the natural and cultural heritage of the Islands.

Together with the local authorities and the tourist industry in general, we can improve the offer of the island of Ibiza throughout the year, and especially during the low season period (October to May), by including the local population eager to participate in tourism, thus ensuring that the benefits of receiving so many tourist visitors throughout the year are justly distributed.

What can you do?

  • Promote and participate in innovative and sustainable tourism offers, where the health and natural beauty of the island can be improved thanks to the presence of a "four seasons" tourism program.

  • Participate in study programs, seminars and workshops organized by the association.

  • Organize your own research team to study projects and invent practical business models of Responsible Tourism.

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